Prices Of Food Stuffs From The Nigerian Bureau Of Statistics

In terms of State distribution, Ebonyi, Anambra, and Enugu were the three top states with the highest prices of beans (white black eye, sold loose) at N887.77, N875.73, and N783.56 respectively. The least prices were recorded in Bauchi State, Adamawa State, and Borno State with N235.22, N251.59, and N254.87 respectively.

Moreover, Ogun State, Bayelsa State, Ondo State, and Lagos State recorded the highest prices of agric eggs (medium size price of one) at N70.06 for Ogun State and N70.00 each for Bayelsa State, Ondo State, and Lagos State. Taraba State, Yobe State, and Plateau State had the least prices of eggs in November 2021 at N41.51, N41.64, and N41.91 respectively.

Looking at a bottle of vegetable oil, Ekiti State, Abuja, and Ebonyi State recorded the most prices at N1,250.00, N1,213.33, and N1,153.33 respectively. Others such as Niger State, Gombe State, and Plateau State had the least prices with N495.89, N523.81, and N524.44 respectively. In terms of prices of palm oil, Enugu State, Anambra State, and Abuja were top with high prices at N1,063.89, N1,043.14, and N1,026.67 respectively, while Kwara State, Benue State, and Bauchi State recorded the least with N446.67, N468.89 and N472.22 respectively.
Interestingly, tubers were most expensive in Lagos State, Rivers State, and Akwa Ibom State at N600.27, N556.68, and N529.90 respectively, while Taraba State, Gombe State, and Bauchi State had the cheapest with N125.33, N126.8,9, and N127.35 respectively.
Prices are collected across all the 774 local governments across all States and the FCT from over 10,000 respondents and locations and reflect actual prices households state they actually bought those items.
Let us look at the prices region by region. Data was gotten from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics.

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Published on: December 23, 2021. at: 12:33 pm

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