Mercy Johnson shows off her winning skill as she beats her husband in a Ludo game(Video)

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson has displayed to her husband the stuff she is made of as she shows off winning skills in a Ludo battle.

This comes days after the actress was falsely accused of beating and humiliating her daughter’s school teacher with thugs.The actress via Instagram shared a video of herself and her husband enjoying each other’s company in their home as they battle for a winner.
According to the actress, the winner will be announced on her Facebook page, even though it already seems like she is defeating her opponent.
Despite all means to dent her family image, the actress has refused to pay attention to side talks as she spends quality time with her family.
The recent outburst which has sparked outrage has revealed that the mother of four is always ready to protect her children at any given cost.
She wrote:
I dey my house dey play ludo…..check out my FB (Mercy Johnson Okojie) for who won plus don’t forget to follow me on youtube💋❤

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Published on: October 27, 2021. at: 6:45 am

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