Lady who brought out her head from car window to receive ‘cool breeze’ in traffic, rages as “agbero” kisses her and disappears

A lady identified as Ani_berny has narrated how she received an unexpected kiss after bringing out her head from the car window in traffic.

Taking to Twitter, Ani narrated how the car she boarded got stuck in traffic, and how she brought out her head from the car window to receive a cool breeze.
Shockingly, a suspected “agbero” came through the window, kissed her, and quickly ran away.
She tweeted;
“Never will I bring out my head to collect cool breeze while stuck in traffic, someone just kissed me and ran away… This Lagos is not for normal people I swear. I have washed my nose to the extent of my nose looking red like a clown, I am a good person, I didn’t deserve this.”

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Published on: November 1, 2021. at: 12:46 pm

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